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Let us rep
your brand in chocolate!

Perfect for any occasion
Bust out a 25-pack at a dinner party!
Use it as a special way to thank your dog walker
Spoil your children’s teachers with them 😉
Take a little piece of Toronto with you when you visit your relatives back home
Use them to thank your clients for their support!
Gift your wedding guests these bespoke, memorable favours!

Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered with over 25 flavours to choose from and the possibility for endless customization.

Real Ingredients

You can’t achieve great flavour without great ingredients. We work with real butter, nuts and fruit purees to compliment the top quality chocolate we use to make our chocolate bon bons.

25+ perfectly balanced flavours to choose from

Why do you think we have a 25-pack 😉

Keep up with our ever-evolving list of flavours and try them all before we get restless and create new ones!

Customize your chocolate gift box

Curate your own adventure! Don’t like dark chocolate? Allergic to pistachios? Choose each flavour you’d like to indulge in and we’ll meticulously assemble your box for you.

How many would you like?

How many would
you like?

“They taste even better then they look”




Handcrafted in Toronto

“Each of Kat’s bon bons is a tiny piece of edible art. She dreams up, hand paints, shells, fills and caps each one with meticulous care and attention to detail.”