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About Kata our Toronto Chocolatier

Chocolat de Kat chocolates are a unique experience, and a culmination of Kata’s journey from art history enthusiast to pastry chef to chocolatier.

Shortly after completing four long years of undergrad and a Masters degree in art history, Kata Ambrus had the nerve to sign up for another 6 months of schooling – this time to see through the Classic French Pastry Arts program at the International Culinary Centre in NYC.

Kata spent a few years working and learning in various facets of the pastry world, but knew all along that she wanted to march to the beat of her own drum. By this point in life Kata had amassed plenty of experience eating chocolate, so she decided to challenge herself with making it.

Kata quickly fell down this rabbit hole of beautiful, shiny, creative deliciousness, and over long months of research, trial and error, ended up dreaming into existence her very own brand of exquisite bon bons: thus, Chocolat de Kat was born.

I found immense satisfaction in the seemingly limitless possibilities that the medium had to offer. Doing it on my own terms and finding my own style have motivated me to keep learning.

Kata Ambrus

We take pride in every single piece of chocolate we put on our shelves and can’t wait to share our creations with you!

Each Chocolat de Kat bon bon is a tiny piece of edible art. Kata and her team dream up, hand paint, shell, fill and cap each one with meticulous care and attention to detail.

The goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but rather, create the best of a category. Our punchy flavours actually taste like what they are – biting into one of our key lime pie bon bons is like biting into a piece of key lime pie!

We work in small batches, and recently moved to a new (larger) shop operated in partnership with De Mello Coffee in the St. Clair West neighbourhood of Toronto.

Check out our chocolate bon bons and gift boxes created by our Toronto Chocolatier.